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ST3 Interview Course for General and Vascular Surgery

Course Convenor:   Brian Ip Consultant Surgeon     

Course Co-Organisers:   Wen Ling Choong ST6,  Melvin Joy ST6, Sharon Chan ST4

This is an intensive 2 day course, designed to prepare applicants for the annual JCST ST3 National Selection for General and Vascular Surgery. The course is designed for delegates training at CT1 level or above and run by surgical registrars, all of whom have first hand experience with the current selection format. The delegate to tutor ratio is 1:1.

Day 1 Consists of knowledge acquisition and framework development, tailored to each individual station. This is carried out in the comfortable and informal settings of group discussions (3-4 per group with 2 tutors), interspaced by lectures for the entire group.

Day 2 Focuses on the application of knowledge, through 2 back-to-back rounds of simulated interview in the OSCE format. Each delegate will be interviewed by one tutor per station and assessed using mark sheets from the actual interview.

Individual formative and summative feedback are provided by the faculty throughout the course, making this course highly tailored to the needs of the prospective interview applicant. 

7 NTNs in General and Vascular Surgery were achieved in each of the 2016 and 2017 cohorts. A selection of feedback is published below:

  • Very well organised course

  • The fact that you had individual technical skill stations as well is highly commendable

  • All faculty members were approachable and keen to advice on any topics

  • Excellent 2nd day with practice scenarios

  • Useful to know which aspects to work on

  • Very knowledgeable faculty with useful feedback

  • Good OSCE stations

  • Plenty of practice and minimum lecture work

  • A must attend!

  • Intense but I learned a huge amount

  • Venue accessible and good

  • Feedback on clinical management and leadership station

  • Excellent faculty, approachable and friendly Great scenarios


Refreshments and lunch provided.