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MANAgement of Gynae Emergencies Course (MANAGE)

The aim of our MANAGE course will be to teach, improve and assess technical and non-technical skills needed for management of gynaecological emergencies. 
By attending this course, the delegates (appropriate for their level of training and profession) will be able to; 
  1. Identify a gynaecological emergency, organise baseline investigations and devise a plan of action (surgical and non-surgical)
  2. Resuscitate and stabilise an unwell gynae patient using a methodical approach
  3. Demonstrate situational awareness, good communication and team working attitude whilst managing a gynaecological emergency
  4. Lead a multi-professional team in provision of high quality care to a woman presenting with gynaecological emergency.
This course whilst primarily aimed at specialist trainees (ST1-7) in O&G will be multi-professional in nature and would be suitable to professionals engaged in gynaecological emergencies on a routine basis and this includes Anaesthetists, Gynae ward nurses and theatre nurses.

Course Director – Dr Kalpana Ragupathy

Organising committee - Dr Kirsty Brown, Dr Ailie Gryzbek, Dr Wendy McMullen

Faculty - Dr Vanessa Kay, Dr Gillian Campbell, Dr Yeshi Bhushan, Dr Julie Christie, Dr Kalpana Ragupathy and Dr Wendy McMullen