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Thermocoagulation Workshop


Dr Kalpana Ragupathy and Dr Wendy McMullen - Colposcopists
Ms Kerrie Watson and Ms Elaine Coupar - Nurse Colposcopists
Dr Leslie Christie - Pathologist
Thermocoagulation or Cold Coagulation has been used as the primary form of treatment for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia since the 1970s in Dundee. We have a very high success rate of cytoreversion and HPV clearance following thermocoagulation. This workshop is designed to deliver a holistic package on thermocoagulation and includes appropriate selection of patients, in-depth discussion on histology suitability as well as practical tips on performing the procedure safely. Delegates will also have an opportunity to perform the procedure on a simulated model of cervix with one-to-one supervision and feedback given by an experienced colposcopist. 
This one day interactive course is for Colposcopist doctors and nurses, helping them to develop independent practice of thermocoagulation. 
The course will include presentations outlining the theory and application of thermocoagulation, including reviewing the selection criteria for both patients and CIN pathology.
Practical sessions will allow delegates the opportunity to develop their skills at performing thermocoagulation on synthetic and animal models.