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Simulation Based Mastery Learning Programme

The Clinical Skills Unit runs a Mastery Programme of simulation based teaching of practical procedures. Teaching of practical procedures by mastery learning is a highly effective way of improving confidence, and competence in skill performance, and has been shown to reduce complications, and improve patient safety. We are delivering teaching of lumbar puncture (LP) and central venous catheterisation (CVC), with more in the pipeline. The program has pre-course material and practical training sessions with targeted and specific feedback, performed on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis. Once deemed competent at performing the skill on a manikin, the trainee is expected to complete formative and summative DOPS in the procedure before being signed off as competent for independent practice.

To book onto the Mastery Programme for any skill email Beverly Charnley at b.c.charnley@dundee.ac.uk  You will be sent pre-course material which you must read before attending the clinical skills session which takes 60-90 minutes. We are always looking to augment our faculty of trainers that deliver this training programme. This will look good on your CV or portfolio, is useful for GMC recognition of trainer evidence, and will also be useful for CPD/skill maintenance. If you would like to find out more about joining the Mastery Programme Faculty please contact Paul Fettes at paulfettes@nhs.net.