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Masterclass in obesity and gynaecological surgery

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 14:31 -- SMcComiskie

COURSE DIRECTOR: Dr Kalpana Ragupathy



•            Gynaecologists with special interest in gynaecology oncology

•            Gynaecologists who provide emergency on-call cover

•            Advanced laparoscopic surgeons,

•            Trainees undertaking ATSMs in benign abdominal surgery or gynaeconcology or emergency gynaecology.




By attending this course, the delegates will be

. Able to counsel women about the risks of surgery when their BMI is >40kg/m2

. Able to position patients safely using the Hug U Vac 

. Apply principles of perioperative care and enable enhanced recovery following surgery

. Demonstrate safe laparoscopic entry and operative techniques in an obese abdomen




Theoretical component  

Introduction – Obesity and implications -Preoperative assessment of obese women  - Anaesthetic issues - Intraoperative considerations - Postoperative care - Non-surgical management/holistic care - Local audit figures - Patient perspectives - Role of Bariatric surgery - Robot Assisted Surgery - Videos and Q&A -  Panel discussion of tips and tricks to manage morbidly obese women needing gynaecology surgery


Practical Component 

Dry Model:  Entry methods and Use of 30-degree camera

Simulated patients: Appropriate positioning of patients using HUG-U-VAC

NOTSS: Counselling patients 

Wet model: Hysterectomy, ureter mobilisation, retraction techniques, omentectomy, lymph node sampling