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Masters by Research in MAS

Our Masters by Research in Minimal Access Surgery (MMAS) programme will provide a robust and wide-reaching education in both the theory and the conduct of surgical research as applied to minimal access techniques, together with focused training in bench-top and clinical research and associated methodology.  This is a one year full time research degree, commencement date by arrangement.

The project topic will be mutually agreed after discussion with the candidate and course supervisor and will be focused on Laparoscopic research topics.  The candidate will be guided to develop the research topic and will acquire skills in the following areas:

  • How write up the protocol
  • Obtain ethical approval
  • Critical & analytical thinking
  • Literature analysis and scientific writing
  • Problem solving
  • Data analysis and interpretation

Past examples include:

  • Video error signature feedback in laparoscopic surgery
  • The effect of divided attention on laparoscopic task performance
  • A Novel method of retraction in minimal access surgery using bio-adhesive films
  • A standardised tool to assess the proficiency-gain curve of a novice laparoscopic camera assistant
  • 2D V’s 3D Imaging

The research thesis will be examined by Viva voce.

For further information contact cscbookings@dundee.ac.uk