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Clinical Skills

Formed in 1998, the University of Dundee Clinical Skills Centre has been at the front of clinical skills education in healthcare disciplines for twenty years. Undergraduate students from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry use our facilities to acquire a wide range of healthcare skills, and regularly return to have their competence confirmed via OSCE examinations and simulated exercise assessment. Postgraduate activity involves programmes provided for a variety of healthcare disciplines. Programmes vary and involve training in procedural skills, communication skills, skills for extended roles and support for healthcare professionals with performance problems. Educational activities are wide ranging, from simple part task trainers and interactions with our volunteer simulated patients to immersive environments provided in the Dow Simulation Suite and the use of virtual and augmented reality simulation. Our activities are supervised by experienced and knowledgeable educators with a variety of clinically backgrounds.

Collaborative partners

The Institute works closely with our colleagues at NHS Education for Scotland (NES) to provide endoscopy and ENT surgery programmes, surgical skills for general practitioners, the national optometry clinical skills and national pharmacy clinical skills programmes.  All of these programmes support our healthcare practitioners to enhance their roles through surgical training and clinical assessment skills.