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Hysteroscopy, Hysteroscopic Surgery and Endometrial Ablation Course

This course runs once per year around the month of May.

If you wish to book onto both the Essentials and Intermediate Laparoscopic Surgery for Gynaecological Trainees (£970) & Hysteroscopy and Endometrial Ablation Course (£450) which would be £1420, you will receive a discounted rate of £1200. Please complete both registration forms.


  • Dr Lucky Saraswat, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen
  • Dr Raffat Youssef, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee
  • Dr Zbig Tkacz, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee
  • Dr Chu Chin Lim, NHS Fife, Dunfermline, UK

Suitable for your CME programme.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to hysteroscopy, hysteroscopic surgery and endometrial ablation skills for gynaecologists and gynaecology trainees.

Participants will have maximum time to be spent in skill development during an intensive one day practical course. Participants will have sufficient hands-on experience during the course. This course offers personalized tuition by a faculty of practicing experts.

Topics covered in this course

  • Equipment and methods for diagnostic hysteroscopy
  • Operative outpatient hysteroscopy
  • Equipment and methods for TCRE/F and rollerball ablation
  • Endometrial ablation (roller ball and loop resection)
  • What can go wrong and how to cope
  • Second generation techniques: modes of action and current evidence
  • Balloon ablation and Novasure bipolar array

This course has been awarded 6 CPD points by RCSEd.