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Laparoscopic Suturing Course


This course has been awarded 5 CPD Points

This is a one-day, practical course providing laboratory based practice of advanced laparoscopic suturing skills using synthetic and animal tissue models. The course is aimed at CT1 or above, or consultants in any specialty who wish to refine their laparoscopic suturing skills. Participants are particularly encouraged to study effective needle handling and bite placement of both curved and endoski needles, introcorporel knot tying, interrupted and continuous suturing.

The course is suitable for attendees working in general surgery, gynaecology and urology and offers:

  • Hints and tips of laparoscopic suturing
  • Ergonomics and port placement for laparoscopic suturing
  • Effective and safe laparoscopic tissue handling
  • Interrupted and continuous suturing techniques
  • A range of needle manipulation techniques and handling skills
  • Accurate bite placement with both curved and endoski needles
  • Intracorporeal surgeon’s knot and tumbled square knot
  • Extracorporeal knotting techniques
  • Personal tuition and feedback
  • Intensive practical sessions

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course each student should be able to:

  • Safely introduce and pick up a 3/8ths curved and ski needle in an appropriate position to make a bite through tissue.
  • Pass a needle and suture through tissues at suitable depth and distance for interrupted and continuous suturing
  • Tie a safe laparoscopic Surgeon’s knot
  • Create a laparoscopic tumbled square knot
  • Demonstrate continuous suturing, maintaining tension and completing the suture line safely.

LEVEL OF COURSE: CT1 and above