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Flexible Cystoscopy Course for Urology Trainees and Specialist Nurses

The faculty will include

  • Mrs Allison Robertson (Course Director)
  • Ms Kate Dewar
  • Mr Ghulam M Nandwani
  • Mr Benjie Tang
A 1 day, practical introduction course, aimed at junior urological trainees and urology nurses into the use of the flexible cystoscope. You will understand and be able to handle a flexible cystoscope such as cleaning & disinfection, setting up, troubleshooting as well as performing various practical manoeuvres including performing diagnostic cystoscopy on models with different pathologies (stone, tumor), manipulation of grasping forceps and tissue biopsy.  You will also have the chance to perform safe stent removal during the course. At the end of the course you should have a basic knowledge of the normal bladder and be able to recognize simple pathology.
The emphasis during the course will be hands-on training on a range of physical models. The course delegates will also have hands-on practice to perform a complete cystoscopy on a Thiel embalmed cadaver. There will be short seminars and discussion sessions. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, allowing easy exchange of ideas and experiences.
The course provides
  • "Hands-on" experience using simulation models
  • "Hands-on" practice to perform a cystoscopy on a thiel embalmed cadaver
  • Maximum laboratory time
  • Personal tuition and feedback
  • Flexible programme
  • An opportunity to view different applications
CME has been applied for from the British Association of Urological Surgeons


The University of Dundee is currently the leading centre in the UK using Thiel embalmed cadavers, thanks to the pioneering work of its Centre of Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID.) for more information on our Thiel courses