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Basic Skills in Colonoscopy Training Course

This course has been awarded 12 CPD Points

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the practical aspects of colonoscopy designed for medical and surgical trainees with experience in flexible sigmoidoscopy and about to undertake training in colonoscopy.  Practical 'hands-on' experience will be provided on physical and virtual reality simulators.  

Colonoscopic course attendee

There will be an option to Endoscope live patients in our endoscopy suites on the second and third days of the course or further rehearsal of practical skills on simulators. Invitation to Endoscope live patients will depend on prior level of experience and performance during the first day of the course.  

DAY 2 and 3 - Endoscopy on Live Patients

Information about Endoscopy on Live Patients

You must complete a Clinical Access Form for NHS Tayside in order to receive a Letter of Clinical Access that will authorise you to have patient access while participating on the course.  Along with your completed form you must also supply;

  1. Evidence of Eligibility to work in the UK eg Passport / Visa
  2. Evidence of GMC Registration
  3. Copy of Curriculum Vitae
  4. Photocopy of current Disclosure Clearance Certificate
  5. Date of last Occupational Health Check

Please provide your own suitable footwear

Please arrive at the Surgical Skills Centre by 08.35 and change into Greens [if applicable]

Endoscopy on Live Patients will be held in the endoscopy suite at Ninewells Hospital.

Endoscopy rooms will be available between 09:00 - 12:30 and between 13:30 - 16:30.


Whilst attending the endoscopy room, you will have the chance to observe procedures first hand and may be invited to perform all or part of the examination yourself.  This is at the discretion of the endoscopist tutor and you must release control of any equipment to them immediately when asked to do so.

After the procedure the tutor will feedback directly to the participant. There will also be a live link where the remaining delegates will have the opportunity to observe the procedure this will be facilitated by another member of the course faculty. 

In order to gain the maximum benefit from this course, it is recommended that attendees should undertake endoscopic training, in their own centre, to put their new skills into practice.

In order to attend this course you must have full GMC registration with a licence to practice, be able to supply a photocopy of your current Disclosure Clearance Certificate and also your last Occupational Health Check.

Please complete the registration form via JETS website www.jets.nhs.uk