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Rectal Prolapse Surgical Management Cadaveric Course


Course Director:  Dorin Ziyaie


•The course is designed for hands-on practice on Thiel cadavers
•Consultants, Fellows and ST7 to ST8 with an interest in pelvic floor dysfunction
•Each sessions will be preceded by talks and video presentations followed by cadaveric practical session and demonstration
Day 1: Start time on the Wednesday afternoon
•7th November
•Laparoscopic Suturing Techniques 
Day 2: All day
•8th November
•Laparoscopic Ventral Mesh Rectopexy  / Posterior Rectopexy
Day 3: All day with early afternoon finishing time
•9th November
•Delorme´s / Perineal Recto-sigmoidectomy - Altemeier